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Last night I learned that walking in the summer while angry and drunk makes you really fucking hot.

This does not to really improve your mood.

It's the girl's fault.. but I love her anyway.

So I missed seeing David Byrne tonight by about 15minutes. Seriously-- we stood in the line to end all lines, walked patiently forward for almost two hours only to be about ten people away from the gate when they announced that it was full and we were "welcome to find a place on the lawn".

A place on the lawn. With the other thousands of people who'd (smrtly) already given up on trying to get in and built themselves into a moat protecting every available spot the hill had to offer.

Have you picked up that I am a huge Talking Heads fan? Just a little, maybe? So you'll understand when I tell you that I was so amazingly angry, so instantly livid. I could have stood where I was maybe and just listened to the concert but I was too upset at being so close but so far that all I could was get myself away from the lucky crowd.

So.. in a few hours (edit: on Wednesday!) I'm going to get on a train and go to Virginia to see tomorrows show. There's not another artist alive that I'd do this for but it's David Byrne playing stuff from all of the albums he did with Brian Eno-- which includes my three absolute favorite Talking Heads albums.

Please, David, play Born Under Punches for me.